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  • iimt - a world of opportunities

    The international institute of management in technology (iimt) is a leading Swiss competence center for Management in Technology, offering excellent executive training programmes and cutting-edge research.

  • Executive Education

    Excellent education in Management in Technology to prepare participants for high-level management careers.

  • Research

    Cutting-edge research at the Chair of Management in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which is part of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland).

Latest News

  • Welcome Sarah Andrey

    Sarah started her position at the iimt as Allrounder Marketing & Executive Programmes in May 2020. She worked for almost six years at the Raiffeisenbank in Gurmels where she successfully completed her apprenticeship, including the vocational baccalaureate, which lasted three years. Sarah had the...

  • New book chapter

    As the most important energy market, the electricity market is undergoing a radical transformation that cannot be described by the term decentralization alone. Rather, this transformation is characterized by a diverse interplay of existing and new technologies and actors. Blockchain technology has the...

The international institute of management in technology (iimt) conferred the 28th November the Executive MBA- Executive Diploma in ICT-Management.

This year, 28 Executive MBA and Executive Diploma in ICT-Management as well as the prize “Best Paper 2001” were awarded during the ceremony at the University of Fribourg.

Mrs Isabelle Chassot, privy council of the canton of Fribourg, and Mr John Houstan, Chief Operating Officer, Orange Communications SA, acted at the iimt Award Ceremony as keynote speaker.


  • Aadach Lahcen
  • Albertin Jean-Claude
  • Bissat Philippe
  • Ecoffey Alain
  • Epars François
  • Etter Christian
  • Gavillet René
  • Hänni Jürg
  • Hayoz Elmar
  • Kaufmann Hansjörg


  • Kohler Martin
  • Kreutschy Pierre-Alain
  • Krumm Valérie
  • Linder James Louis
  • Magnani Ranjana
  • Marsot Philippe
  • Mayor Pierre
  • Meile Bernhard
  • Moser Harry


  • Niggli Beat
  • Poffet Manfred
  • Pralong Mélanie
  • Ranguelov Gina
  • Rossat Christian
  • Schlaefli Jürg
  • Traglia Gianni
  • Van Tuinen André
  • Von der Weid Eric

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