Award Ceremony 2017

This year's Leaders Launch Event - Graduation Ceremony took place on Thursday, the 30th November 2017 in Fribourg. This event has combined the Graduation Ceremony of our institute with experts who shared insights and experience on Power of Crowds. Graduates, family, academics and leaders from the industry met in a festive and comfortable surrounding.

11 students graduated from an “Executive MBA ”or an “Executive CAS" as well as the prizes "Best Paper Award 2016" and the "Best Management Summary" were awarded during the ceremony.

  • Arganov Sergej
  • Balthasar Michèle
  • Burri Rolf
  • Chételat Marc
  • Feichtner Dominic
  • Muntwyler James
  • Simeonidis-Orenstein Theodora
  • Voutaz Etienne
  • Willa Peter

  • Büschi Mathias 
  • Frossard Michael

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