Award Ceremony 2012

On the 29th of November 2012, the iimt celebrated its annual "Talk & Dine" Leaders Launch (incl. the Award Ceremony). Graduates, family, academics and leaders from the industry met in a festive and comfortable surrounding.

This year, 12 Executive MBA's in ICT Management, 4 Executive MBA's in Utility Management and 1 Executive Diploma in ICT Management as well as the prize "Best Paper Award 2011" and the prize "Best Management Summary" were awarded during the ceremony.

  • Claudia Arrigo
  • Daniel Berthoud
  • Fabrice Bonvin
  • Manuel Burneo
  • Michel Chevroulet
  • Serge Currat
  • Tonja Erismann
  • Peter Imfeld-Weber
  • Adrian Kramer

  • Stéphane Louis
  • Marcus Madelung
  • Juha Mylläri
  • Anburajan Nainar
  • Samuel Nicolet
  • Sébastien Piller
  • Richard Schären
  • Laurent Vuichard