Cyber Security Management

The use of information-security-technologies will gain in importance, but with it also the information security culture in and around companies and organisations. We're focusing our current research mainly on the organisational framework for information security in companies and organisations, more precisely in the promotion of awareness in information securtiy and cyber risks.

Our Research Priority

The integration of ICT in the utility-sector is a fact. The prospective smart electricity grid ("Smart Grids") will be linked directly with different ICT's with the purpose to manage and coordinate the decentralized and fluctuating generation, store and consumption units in the grid more efficiently. The need for electricity supply security will linked to and be depending on the need for information security.

The purpose of supply security and therefore also information security can not only be achieved with technological units only. The management and the handling of these technologies is crucial for a distinctive information security culture in this network and for all network players.


SCSC - Societal Cyber Security Culture

The importance of cyber security in a crowd environment is rising. The SCSC project investigates the cybersecurity deficit in a loosely coupled environment. An important part are the necessary security measures and behaviours of people.


Bettina Irnhauser


concluded projects


  • Social Media Culture Assessment and Reporting Tool - SCART
  • SAIL - Social Media Performance Monitoring Tool


Our Publications

The Chair and its research team publish every year academic papers and opinion pieces in a variety of journals, conference proceedings and industry publications. Please find below the list of publications.

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