The iimt offers its students the possibility to realise their own (business) ideas. Up until now, creative students could only talking about their ideas, receiving input during coffee breaks or short consultation hours without being able to take it further. Now, with the establishment of “ideas@iimt”, students can receive a working place, time, resources, coaching and a network with competent partners and coaches to develop and create their own ideas.

With its easy access for entrepreneurial students, “ideas@iimt” will bridge a gap in the promotion of innovation strategy within the Canton of Fribourg. The idea behind this “pre-incubator” is to boost business ideas to a game changing business concept. ideas@iimt-fellows will participate at different innovation workshops, contests and competitions and startup platforms. We promote our students also to the next higher steps like preparation and integration into professional startup-incubators. 

Should you wish to have any additional information regarding the students ideas, “ideas@iimt” or sponsoring opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us ideas(at)

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The challenges for ideas@iimt are to maintain both, the sustainability of the program and the financial support of the participants. To assure these two aspects member@ideas was launched recently. Interested individuals can support the program with a low annual fee and profit from the exclusive member@ideas benefits.

Member Benefits

  • Targeted cooperation or support for one single fellow
  • Up-To-Date Regular news about ideas@iimt
  • Networking Invitations to exclusive events to meet the ideas@iimt fellows

How to join member@ideas?


It’s easy! Send us an email with your contact details using the subject “member” to member(at)

or fill out the form with your name and address.


We will contact you shortly, to discuss the next steps.


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