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The globalisation pushed companies, but also whole nations, into a very competitive market, where a high degree of innovation is vital. Targeted und coordinated Innovation and Technology Management is becoming crucial for a high degree of competitiveness. But this also includes major changes in processes, structures, cooperations to improve the reaction time for companies and nation to major shifts in the market.


InnoFit - InnoFitness 2015

The utility sector is facing major challenges:

  • The dezentralisation and price pressure endager the current business models.
  • High degree of competiton and deregulation accelerate velocity and intensity in the swiss energy market.
  • The technological dynamic (Smart Grid) in the key segment "Grid" is capital-intensive, complex and and in its manifestation without clear definition.
  • New players are entering the market which becomes much mor competitive.

The aim of the project "InnoFitness 2015" is to find out, to which degree the political, technological and economic environment influences and forces the transformation and the innovation architecture of utility companies. A deep understanding of the sector will be the results after using quantitative and qualitative methods for the survey. Participant companies will receive concrete "Innovation Architecture" recommendations and Benchmarks.

This project is guided by the iimt in cooperation with INNOArchitects (Strategic Innovation Management Consulting, Bern).




Dominic Feichtner

Dominic Feichtner



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