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Competition & Competitiveness: 10h – 13th November 2020

What to expect
Economic fundamentals of competition
Firms behaviors fundamentals affecting competition
Competition fundamentals in the digital economy
Drivers Firms’ Competitiveness
Business Environment Impacting Firms’ Competitiveness

Top speaker in this course
Prof. Dr. Philippe Gugler – University of Fribourg
Prof. Dr. Michael E. Porter – Harvard Business School and Bishop Lawrence University (via videotape)

Short course description
The course on Competition highlights the main economics basis of competition behaviors and developments with a strong emphasis on the Digital Economy features such as for example the price setting algorithms or the impact of the sharing economy on the markets (Uber, Airbnb, etc.). The course scrutinizes the competition patterns in digital markets as well as the competition patterns in digital networks and platforms. The course on Competitiveness - organized in collaboration with the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness led by Michael Porter (Harvard Business School) - focuses on the main drivers of competitiveness and how to strengthen the competitiveness of a company. New developments of firms strategies such as created shared value strategies are presented. This course covers inter alia the role of clusters, the impact of the Smart Connected Products and of the so-called “Augmented Reality Technologies” on firms’ competitiveness and the new business opportunities offered by the Smart Cities based on digital technologies.

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