Competition & Competitiveness

This course highlights the main economics basis regarding anti-trust and competition policy. Its aim is to understand the mechanisms of market structure and firms behaviour facing competition constraints. On the other hand, the course focuses on the main drivers of competitiveness and how to strengthen the competitiveness of a company. The iimt courses Competition and Competitiveness provides you with all economic tools of competition policy and microeconomic drivers of competitiveness.

Course Content

Module 1  - Competition (07.11.2017 - 08.11.2017)

  • Economic tools of competition policy
  • Competitive effects of firms' behaviours (cartels, vertical restraints, abuse of dominant position)
  • Competitive effects of firms' mergers and acquisitions
  • Competitive challenges in network industries
  • How to analyse and understand recent and on-going competition cases (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo...)


Module 2  - Competitiveness (14.11.2016 - 15.11.2017)

  • Microeconomic drivers of competitiveness
  • Firms' strategies for creating value and for creating shared value
  • How to assess the quality of a business location?
  • The role of clusters to enhance firms and location competitiveness
  • The new challenges and opportunities of smart cities
  • How to assess the strategy concept of firms like Apple and Google?
  • How to analyse the productive environment of successful locations like Singapore?
  • How to identify the main challenges and opportunities of smart cities like Bilbao and Seoul?

Subject Area Coordinator


Prof. Dr. Philippe Gugler