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Artificial Intelligence for Managers: 5 – 6 novembre 2019

Ce que vous y apprendrez
Introduction in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)
Data driven organisation and democratisation of AI/ML
ML problem framing and ML Canvas
Practical examples of Supervised and Unsupervised ML problems
Practical exercises: Pricing, Shopping Basket Analysis, Sentiment Analysis...
AI/ML and Regulations; Consequences of GDPR on AI/ML

Top speakers dans ce cours
Amir Tabakovic - Strategist, Innovator, Investor in ML Technology
Member of the BigML Executive Team
Guest lecturer at ICEMD and ESADE

Courte description du cours
This course offers a practical introduction in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) for non-technical business leaders. It helps business domain experts better assess the potential of AI/ML for their businesses, avoid common pitfalls when implementing AI/ML in their organisations and initiate and execute successful data driven projects.

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AI for Managers

Selected Legal Issues: 7 – 8 novembre 2019

Ce que vous y apprendrez
Intellectual Property – overview and trends in the market
Technology Licensing – key terms
Social media and online campaigns – legal aspects
Agreements for the digital world – SaaS, Cloud, Platform Terms, Smart Contracts
M&A deals in the tech industry – key lessons form the practice
Privacy, data protection and cyber security – from compliance to best practices

Top speakers dans ce cours
Juliette Ancelle – id est avocats
Dr. Michel Jaccard – id est avocats
Alexandre Jotterand – id est avocats
Mehmet Toral – id est avocats

Courte description du cours
The aim of this course is to highlight several legal areas which have been identified, by business and employers, the basis for successful management. Experienced lecturers with various backgrounds make the lessons interactive and the students actively participate during the lesson. The iimt courses Selected Legal Issues provides you with an overview of several legal areas for companies active in a digital environment. Do not miss this opportunity and meet other professionals attending.

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Selected Legal Issues

Competition: 12 – 13 novembre 2019

Ce que vous y apprendrez
Definition of the relevant markets
Economic basis of competition policy
Horizontal agreements
Vertical restraints
Abuse of dominant position
Mergers and acquisitions
Drivers in digital markets
Competition patterns in digital networks and platforms (eg. Google)
Disruptive new market entrants of the sharing economy (eg. Uber, Airbnb)

Top speakers dans ce cours
Prof. Dr. Philippe Gugler – University of Fribourg
Prof. Dr. Michael E. Porter – Harvard Business School and Bishop Lawrence University (via videotape)

Courte description du cours
The course on Competition highlights the main economics basis of competition behaviours and developments with a strong emphasis on the Digital Economy features such as for example the price setting algorithms or the impact of the sharing economy on the markets (Uber, Airbnb, etc.).

An Adobe Acrobat file Competition

Competition Competitiveness

Competitiveness: 14 – 15 novembre 2019

Ce que vous y apprendrez
Defining competitiveness based on productivity
Macroeconomic Determinants
Microeconomic Determinants
Competing on strategic positioning
Impact of the Smart Connected Technologies
Keys of a successful strategy
Created shared value strategy
Diamond model
Role of physical and digital clusters to sustain firms’ innovation & productivity
Smart cities - challenges & opportunities for business

Top speakers dans ce cours
Prof. Dr. Philippe Gugler – University of Fribourg
Prof. Dr. Michael E. Porter – Harvard Business School and Bishop Lawrence University (via videotape)

Courte description du cours
The course on Competitiveness - organized in collaboration with the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness led by Michael Porter (Harvard Business School) - focuses on the main drivers of competitiveness and how to strengthen the competitiveness of a company.

An Adobe Acrobat file Competitiveness

Competition Competitiveness

Project Management 1&2: 19 – 22 novembre 2019

Ce que vous y apprendrez
Initiate - Get your project started and define your approach (traditional, agile or hybrid)
Plan - Define your requirements, scope and prepare a backlog or schedule
Monitor - Establish metrics and use them to monitor the progress of your project
Communicate - Understand communication challenges and agile techniques across country borders
Organize - Select the best resources in the right locations to work in agile and self-organizing teams
Collaborate - Establish trust and collaboration to benefit from multicultural teams
Close - Use the right steps to foster a continuous improvement and establish sustainable relationships

Top speakers dans ce cours
Sarianna Benain - Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA)
Dr. Jean Binder - Book author and PMO head
Prof. Dr. Stephanie Teufel – iimt University of Fribourg

Courte description du cours
In a very interactive course that can be directly applied at your company during an agile transformation or definition of a new project management method, we will discuss the challenges and benefits of Global Projects and Agile Approaches. You will get a practical insight into the latest trends in research and practice of project management and assess which principles can be applied in their companies to stay ahead in today’s competitive and global economy.

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Project Management