S. Teufel member of the scientific board of SBA Research

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Teufel, Director of the iimt and Professor at the University of Fribourg, has been elected as a member of the scientific board of SBA Research. 

SBA Research is the largest research center in Austria with renowned national and international partners with a network of more than 70 companies, 15 Austrian and international universities and research institutions. The center has for objective researching ranging from organizational to technical security to strengthen Europe’s Cybersecurity capabilities and developing solutions. The results of fundamental research are thereby the basis for applied research and development.

A research topic also treated by the Chair of Management in ICT and its research team.

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iimt Masterclass 06.09.2017

The 6th of September, the iimt Masterclass with keynote speaker Vladimir Riecicky, founding partner at Knowledge@Risk, took place. Vladimir shared his know-how about the upcoming Digital Slavery with a great number of participants and professionals.

In an interactive way, he illustrated, how digital enterprises become a slave of the own software and provided useful practical approaches to face these challenges.

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16th IEEE Conference ISSA 2017

The field of information security is diverse, including technical, managerial, legal, social and even philosophical issues. Individuals alone cannot address these issues. Only the combined efforts of academia, industry and society can provide answers and solutions that will benefit all of society. The iimt supports this guiding principle of the Information Security South Africa Conference with its human-focused cyber security research. The Chair contributed to the success of the conference with the paper "The Importance of Security Culture for Crowd Energy Systems" (by M. Aldabbas, S. Teufel and B. Teufel). A copy of the paper can be obtained from the authors.


iimt at the General Assembly CCIF/HIKF

On Monday, the 4th of September, the yearly General Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce Fribourg took place at the Forum in Fribourg.

Numerous decision-makers, politic and industry representatives, as well as iimt members were invited to the Assembly. Several key-note speakers addressed their welcoming words to the audience, before the statutory part took place. Amongst others, Federal Council Alain Berset, who pointed out the importance of the Digital Transformation and the upcoming challenges.

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NeighborHub the TV star

A new success for the independent energy-efficient house - NeighborHub.
The Swiss television proposed on July 31st its broadcast " HopSuisse " in which the NeighborHub the house energy-efficient and independent house was highlighted. This house of the future, created for the Smart Living Challenge’s Project (More infos) and built by motivated students, was presented to the public in June. Today this house was completely dismantled and is on its way to Denver in the United States to participate in the Solar Decathlon competition in October of this year.

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