Energy solutions of the future

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enersis and the iimt of the University of Fribourg will, in consideration of the energy turnaround, closely cooperate in the coming years. Energy issues and the associated challenges will be analysed in this partnership and synergies exploited to present innovative solutions for the future.


The energy turnaround is a fundamental change for the energy supply and companies are facing tremendous challenges. The swiss energy market is confronted with changing global conditions, and for proven and existing business models, new solutions have to be found. Besides all technical issues, such as the resource-optimised energy production, storage and energy efficiency, the change in society, economy and politics must be considered. Not only is the role of the energy suppliers constantly changing, but the importance of consumers and their behavior also play a major role.

Both partners combine their huge know-how in order to provide energy suppliers with appropriate tools and new solutions for the energy market. Not only are Software-based solutions, simulations and complete energy concepts for the best possible energy management system available, but the knowledge about the influence, the behaviour and the motivation of consumers will also be explored and integrated. Information and communication technology (ICT) will be the central point, in which both partners are highly specialised. With the help of ICT tools, new solutions and innovative concepts will be developed and available for the future.


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