1st smart living lunch

The 28th of April, the first smart living lunch took place at the iimt-University of Fribourg. Main goal of these lunches is to present the different ongoing and planned research activities around the smart living lab project. Furthermore, the aim is to meet researchers from all involved institution, as the EPFL, the School of Engineering and the University of Fribourg, and to exchange ideas and know-how.


During the first smart living lunch, the following research areas were presented:

«Usages et lieux» – presented by Prof. Florinel Radu, HEIA-FR

«Design for uncertainty»  – presented by Michelle Jiang, EPFL

The smart living lunches are open to all interested persons, students, PhD students, employees or persons involved in the project.

These events are taking place on a monthly basis and the next smart living lunch will take place the 26th of May (11:00 – 13:00) at the iimt University of Fribourg (room A303) with the following topics:

  • «The 2050 climate change objectives towards the smart living lab project: Identification of the future environmental issues / First solutions» – presented by Thomas Jusselme, EPFL
  • «Buildings and climate with robustness analysis» – presented by Arianna Brambilla, EPFL

As mentioned, the smart living lunches are open to all interested persons and the event language is English. Should you wish to participate, we kindly ask you, for administrative reasons, to register for this event (Véronica Cubarle - veronica.cubarle(at)epfl.ch)