Poster Exhibition on Crowd Energy

How do you become a “prosumer” of electricity after so many decades of being the plain old consumer?  The answer would be Crowd Energy, a collective effort and an amazing, innovative concept where “decentralization” of renewable electricity will lead to a substantial change in society, economy and politics.
You can continue enjoying your quality of life and yet ensure the same quality of life for your family and generations to come, through sustainable development and a green future.

The 1st Poster Exhibition on Crowd Energy took place at the iimt – University of Fribourg on the 21th of May. Lots of excellent presentations and interesting discussions.


PosterExhibition1  PosterExhibition2  PosterExhibition3   PosterExhibition4

This was the first event in the series called Swiss Living Challenge for Solar Decathlon* (Joint representation for the Solar Decathlon 2017 by UniFR, HEIA-FR, EPFL).

We all need to care about Energy and be innovative about it! We have to proactively shift to a power source that is non-polluting and will not run out.

*About the Solar Decathlon: This is a highly acclaimed, international academic competition, where students are challenged for two years in 10 events like architecture, market appeal, engineering, communications, affordability, etc., to create a brand new & futuristic “zero-energy” house, by only using solar energy. Swiss Living Challenge is the name of the joint representation of three Swiss institutes for the international Solar Decathlon 2017.