IET Distinguished Paper Award

Professor Dr. Stephanie Teufel and her co-author have been honoured for their contribution “Smart Living – an Innovation and Research Agenda” with the Distinguished Paper Award of the 2015 World Conference on Innovation, Engineering, and Technology (IET 2015, Kyoto, Japan).

The paper describes that the world is currently in the process of evolving from a digital realm into a smart world. Technology is a driver for smart living. However, since smart living is intended to benefit the population by increasing quality of life and making the economy sustainable, the issue must be discussed from more than a merely technological perspective. An approach that integrates economic and social science considerations is employed to identify sectors where innovations are possible and needed in terms of future smart living. Consequently, this is followed by a derivation of high-priority research areas for future inquests into this emergent topic. The research was funded by the smart living lab project of the University of Fribourg.

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