A journey dedicated to the Social Dilemma Research in the South of Italy

Yves Hertig, research assistant at the Chair of Management in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), works on energy-related contribution behaviour within crowd. His research concentrates in particular on the social dilemma characteristics of energy-related behaviour and its coordination within a crowd-structure. Therefore, he participated at the well-staffed 17th International Conference on Social Dilemmas in Sicily and met with leading researchers within the field of theoretical and applied social dilemma research.
The conference took place on June 20-23, 2017 in Taormina and included three full days of talks, posters, and keynotes (Bettina Rockenbach, Carsten De Dreu, and Simon Gaechter).

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17th International Conference on Social Dilemmas
Behavioural researchers often study cooperation in situations when it is difficult to achieve, such as in social dilemmas. Social dilemmas occur when each person has a tempting option to not cooperate and benefit from the cooperation of others. However, if everyone decided not to cooperate, then everyone receives a worse outcome compared to if everyone decided to cooperate. Social dilemmas can occur in almost any domain in our social lives, such as in close relationships, coworkers in an organization, members of a society, interactions between groups, and in future Smart Grids.
Yves Hertig consolidated his knowledge and came back with new insights, new contacts and a backpack full of new research ideas.