Welcome Mahsa Rahimi

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Since October 2017 Mahsa Rahimi has joined the iimt research group. She was born in Tehran (Iran) and obtained her Bachelor’s degree (2010) in Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) at the University of Tehran and Arak and her Master’s degree (2013) in Industrial Engineering (System Management and Productivity) at Azad University of Tehran.

In 2013, she had a collaboration with Iranian Oil Company for improving its process performance. From 2013-2017, she worked as an IT manager in a private firm in Tehran. Her research interests are Cyber Security, Data Analysis, Information and Communication Technology, Management of Information Security, and Energy Systems.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, walking and cycling as well as travelling to different countries to experience various cultures. Mahsa has a passion for continuing her education life at the iimt to expand her knowledge, and implementing her skills in research.

We look forward to working with Mahsa, and wish her a good start!