We celebrate our 2019 Graduates

On Wednesday the 27th of November, the iimt put on its most elegant attire for the graduation ceremony of 14 students who have successfully closed a significant chapter of their academic careers. In celebration of this accomplishment, the iimt organised a special evening where our graduates were able to share memories and plans for the future. Each of them was presented with a well-earned Diploma «Executive MBA Management in Technology» or «Executive CAS» by Prof. Dr Stephanie Teufel, Director of the iimt, and Dr Hans Werner, President of the Institute. The iimt is very proud to welcome all of the graduates in the Alumni network and wishes them all the best for their professional, and probably innovative, future. 

Congratulations to our EMBA Graduates: Vincenzo Barbieri, Maria Berger, Francis Beyeler, Xavier Denti, Niklaus Dillier, Cédric Engeler, Raffael Hilber, Rose Moura, Fabrice Pasquier, Michel Vorlet, Laure Zbinden-Boulianne and Lionel Zufferey. 

Congratulations to our CAS Graduates: Theodor Glauser, Margaux Jaquiéry. 


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