Smart Living Lab – Activity report of the University of Fribourg

ActivityReport SLLUNIFR 2019 JPGWe are delighted to present you the University of Fribourg’s Smart Living Lab activity report. This report provides you with insights and highlights, as well as new and exciting research activities carried out by the three research groups of the University of Fribourg in 2019.


The Smart Living Lab is an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional research and development centre in Fribourg. This unique centre combines cutting-edge research and real-life experimentation in multiple research areas, such as construction technologies, well-being and behaviours, interactions and design processes, and energy systems. More than 80 researchers from 3 different institutions (EPFL, School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg HEIA-FR and the University of Fribourg) gather around 11 research groups and pool their know-how every day to create a tangible impact for the future built environment.