Promotion of project proposals IRiSS and SAIL

The local Research Committee of the SNSF has approved the promotion of the IRiSS and SAIL projects through the research pool of the University of Fribourg.

Both projects will be developed at the Chair of Management in Information and Communication Technology, under the direction of Prof. Dr. S. Teufel.

The project IRiSS (interest groups and roles in the future Swiss electricity market) deals with topics such as changes in the electricity market, needs and interests of market actors, as well as effects and new business models based on the Fribourg Energy Management Framework; it also treats the development of power systems of the future and the associated risks and opportunities. The project SAIL (Social Media Performance Monitoring Tool) addresses issues in the topic of Social Media Performance, especial-ly in the context of non-profit organisations and public administrations. The objective is the development of "authorities or NPO suitable" indicators that can be implemented in a proper monitoring tool. Both projects are preparing projects for larger research projects.