Innovation and Technology Management Course

In our University’s Master course “Innovation and Technology Management”, we accomplish again to provide some interesting insights in the topic of innovation in business. Besides theory and case studies, we were proud to present practical insights provided by Mr. Andrey Schukin from bytics engineering AG, Mr. Martin Spycher from SwissTXT and Mr. Flurin Müller from BuddyBroker.

Mr. Schukin answered in his presentation the important question: what to do before a product innovation project starts? The goal of bytics is to provide competencies in creating value added IT solutions for optimising digital and physical product development. At that purpose, bytics engineering AG created the E5 innovation process™ to realise successful product development by strengthen a customer centric approach. Eventually, Mr. Schukin summarised it as: “well-designed products are the result of finding a golden middle”’ of the business requirements, user needs, and technology availability”.

A more extended view on innovation was shown by SwissTXT which is currently implementing the hybrid TV format and extends the regular TV program by further multimedia functionalities. SwissTXT faces manifold challenges to name but a few: finding adequate technologies, positioning of the company in the changing market and adoption of new skills and capabilities. Mr. Spycher demonstrated impressive the extensive changes of the existing company’s processes and product portfolio during the innovation journey (and is still ongoing).

A different view on innovation compared to the previous presentations was provided by Mr. Flurin Müller which started right after his Bachelor studies the company BuddyBroker two years ago. The idea is that the platform finds adequate jobs according a profile. The young entrepreneur discussed the development of the product and core functionalities during the entrepreneurial process. Quite impressive for the students were the personal insight and experiences (e.g. finding the wright partners) and the emotional rollercoaster.

We would like to thank the speakers for the opportunity to attend the very exciting presentations. The practical enrichment had an immense impact in the course papers of the students, where they had to develop innovative ideas. Several very good ideas were presented and demonstrate the high potential of students at the University of Fribourg. The iimt looks forward to pursue the ideas with the students and hope to present some success stories in the future.  

If you are interested in the course or in the ideas of students, please contact us (iimt(at)