Exposition of the “Fitcoin” prototype

The first ideas@iimt prototype is presented on the 17th and 18th of September at the University of Fribourg!

The “Fitcoin” concept, designed by Mr. Philipp Zimmer, allows gym participants to produce energy while exercising (cycling). The produced energy could cover a part of the gym’s energy requirement and in return, the participants could collect “Fitcoins” for their efforts in form of bonuses.


The first prototype, with the generous support of Mr. André Rotzetta (College of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg) can now be tested in the exhibition hall of the University of Fribourg (ground floor, Bd de Pérolles 90). By the same opportunity you can learn more about the ideas@iimt concept.

Are you ready to collect some “Fitcoins”? We are looking forward to seeing you at the University of Fribourg.