06.09.2017 - iimt Masterclass

Digital Slavery !

Software engineers grow a software until the code base gets big enough to stroke back:

The digital enterprise becomes a slave of the own software. When I look around, I expect an age of digital slavery to come soon. The root cause of this thread goes far beyond a CIO agenda and it has actually nothing to do with IT technology. I suggest a surprisingly simple but highly systemic management approach for those digital enterprises who choose not to get enslaved.

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The next iimt Masterclass will take place on the 6th of September 2017 at the iimt - University of Fribourg (Room F130). The presentation starts at 17:00 until 18:00, and is followed by an aperitif. The participation is free of charge; registration is required (deadline 4th of September 2017).

Top Speaker - Vladimir Riecicky
Founding Partner at Knowledge@Risk

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