The iHomeLab Luzern

The iHomeLab Luzern, a Swiss research center for building intelligence, visited the smart living lab on the 5th of March as a guest of the iimt. The members of the iHomeLab presented their newest research on Smart Energy Management and Active and Assisted Living during the Invited Talk series at the smart living lab. The visit was concluded by the master thesis presentation on knowledge management and user involvement within a Living Lab by our Junior Research Assistant Yanina Iskhakova.

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Welcome Lauriane Schouwey

LS webLauriane Schouwey is working as a Course & Marketing Manager at the iimt since February 2019. She was born in Fribourg, where she also obtained her commercial maturity in 2014.

She then worked at Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. for four years in various fields such as marketing and digital. She continued her studies and obtained in 2018 her federal certificate as Marketing Specialist.

Lauriane is passionate about sports. She plays Volleyball in the National League B and enjoys hiking in the mountains and discovering new landscapes. 

She looking forward to working at the iimt and expanding her language skills. 

The iimt staff is looking forward to working alongside Lauriane and wishes her a good start.



Welcome Tim Niemer

TN 2Tim Niemer has been working as a Junior Project Assistant at the iimt since September 2018. His work focuses on the Neutral Utility Asset Management Platform, a new Project in the iimt portfolio with the aim to establish a neutral data exchange Platform for the Distributed System Operators in Switzerland to increase the possibility and accuracy of network analytics.

Besides this he is involved in ideas@iimt to meet his interest in the fields of innovation management and entrepreneurship.

Tim was born in Germany, where he studied Computer Engineering before he moved to Fribourg to start his studies in Computer Science. Due to his work experience with several major enterprises, he has enhanced capabilities in the fields of acquisition, workflow- and project-management and is looking forward to bring in and improve his skills.

The iimt staff is looking forward to working alongside Tim and wishes him a good start.



Welcome Manuel Drazyk

MD 2Manuel Drazyk is working as Junior Research Assistant at the iimt since December 2018, where he takes over the tasks of Joelle Simonet.

He was born, raised and went to school in Krefeld, Germany. After that, he visited the RWTH University in Aachen, in which he graduated with his bachelor's in computer science in 2018. Now he attends the Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science Program, where he focuses in Data Science and Software Engineering.

In his free time, he likes doing sport, reading or working on small software projects.

The iimt staff is looking forward to working alongside Manuel and wishes him a good start.



Graduation Ceremony 2018

Thursday 29th of November 2018 the iimt Graduation Ceremony took place in a festive and friendly atmosphere in Fribourg. The time for our graduates to received their diplomas of Executive MBA and Executive CAS❗ Take a look at some pictures

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