Zero Carbon Conference

With the energy strategy 2050 of the Federal Council and Switzerland’s commitment to reduce the CO2-emission, the energy turnaround is initialised. This means challenges and chances for the construction- and energy sector. More than only energy consumption, buildings which are producing their own energy and local quarters who contribute to the grid adjustment are reality and offer trend-setting possibilities.

Fit-Coins a different way!

Philipp Zimmer’s project “Fit-Coins”, which was supervised by ideas@iimt, was completely transformed for the exhibition “L’Amuse-Bouche” during the Swiss fair “Goûts et Terroirs” in Bulle. Young visitors of the exhibition were delighted.
On the child-friendly prototype, established by Prof. André Rotzetta’s team (HEIA-FR), young visitors could see and feel the effort it needs to earn a snack. In a playful way it was shown, that the physical effort to burn a chocolate bar is a lot higher than for a healthy apple.

iimt Presentations at ICSGCE 2015

At this year's International Conference on Smart Grid and Clean Energy Technologies (ICSGCE 2015) the iimt presented research results of the Chair in the field Crowd Energy. The contributions address Changing Energy Consumption Behaviour: Individuals' Responsibility and Government Role as well as the Impact of Business Practices on Individual Energy Consumption. The Contributions will also be published in the Journal of Electronic Science and Technology, No. 4, Vol 13. They can be downloaded here.

JEST: Special issue for Crowd Energy

The rising demand for energy is a key issue in scientific research. A global goal is to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. The substitution of fossil fuels by renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency and the expansion of the possibilities for energy storage are central topics. For associated socioeconomic challenges corresponding solutions must be found. Within this framework several scientific papers were published in the Journal of Electronic Science and Technology. Professor Stephanie Teufel has been the guest editor for this special issue. The contributions can be downloaded here