Interview of "ideas@iimt"

Prof. Dr. Teufel and Yves Hertig were interviewed by ICT Kommunikation about the iimt project called "ideas@iimt". Through this interview, they explained the motivation and the growing success of the project, and the first positive results. Read the full interview (in German).

Big Data in the energy sector

On the 11th of June 2015, the iimt Masterclass with the Top Speaker Mr. Thomas Koller, CEO of the bernese consulting and software company enersis took place. Mr. Koller presented strategic approaches to manage these challenges, provided impulses with possible tactical measures and showed excerpts of concrete projects in the field of Big Data.

1st smart living lunch

The 28th of April, the first smart living lunch took place at the iimt-University of Fribourg. Main goal of these lunches is to present the different ongoing and planned research activities around the smart living lab project. Furthermore, the aim is to meet researchers from all involved institution, as the EPFL, the School of Engineering and the University of Fribourg, and to exchange ideas and know-how.

Poster Exhibition on Crowd Energy

How do you become a “prosumer” of electricity after so many decades of being the plain old consumer?  The answer would be Crowd Energy, a collective effort and an amazing, innovative concept where “decentralization” of renewable electricity will lead to a substantial change in society, economy and politics.
You can continue enjoying your quality of life and yet ensure the same quality of life for your family and generations to come, through sustainable development and a green future.

The 1st Poster Exhibition on Crowd Energy took place at the iimt – University of Fribourg on the 21th of May. Lots of excellent presentations and interesting discussions.

Energy solutions of the future

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enersis and the iimt of the University of Fribourg will, in consideration of the energy turnaround, closely cooperate in the coming years. Energy issues and the associated challenges will be analysed in this partnership and synergies exploited to present innovative solutions for the future.