2014 - A year of modernisation

The market of further education has changed significantly in the last years. With so many courses, seminars and study programmes being offered by numerous different schools and institutions, future students are overloaded with information. As such it is difficult to compare the different offers. The aim of the iimt is to set itself apart from the masses by offering high quality, flexible and relevant study programmes, in order to honor the needs of students, employers and the market.

Further education muddle - what really counts!

“The importance of further education is well known and lifelong learning has become the standard in order to increase personal marketability and to face daily challenges. Looking at the Swiss educational landscape, further education opportunities are limitless. But is behind further education always what is promised?"
You can read the whole article written by Prof. Dr. Teufel, released on the ICT Kommunikation website (article in German).

Executive courses at the iimt

The courses in January came to a successful end. After having listened to brilliant lecturers from different corners of the world and famous business practitioners, students were able to perceive the importance of good corporate strategy, analysed various case studies and understood the challenges of an effective marketing.