Welcome Tim Niemer

TN 2Tim Niemer has been working as a Junior Project Assistant at the iimt since September 2018. His work focuses on the Neutral Utility Asset Management Platform, a new Project in the iimt portfolio with the aim to establish a neutral data exchange Platform for the Distributed System Operators in Switzerland to increase the possibility and accuracy of network analytics.

Besides this he is involved in ideas@iimt to meet his interest in the fields of innovation management and entrepreneurship.

Tim was born in Germany, where he studied Computer Engineering before he moved to Fribourg to start his studies in Computer Science. Due to his work experience with several major enterprises, he has enhanced capabilities in the fields of acquisition, workflow- and project-management and is looking forward to bring in and improve his skills.

The iimt staff is looking forward to working alongside Tim and wishes him a good start.



Graduation Ceremony 2018

Thursday 29th of November 2018 the iimt Graduation Ceremony took place in a festive and friendly atmosphere in Fribourg. The time for our graduates to received their diplomas of Executive MBA and Executive CAS❗ Take a look at some pictures

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Change Box - A Change Management tool!

We live in a business world characterised by continuously increasing pace of change. The change of focus from a stable environment to one that is constantly changing, driven by the search for improvement opportunities, has a particular impact on the economy and our daily activities. Most companies have accepted change as something that is not inherently negative and time-consuming. On the contrary, the term "change" is being perceived in a positive light in everyday business being seen as a key to success.

Many companies realised the importance of including their employees in change processes and made the necessary arrangements, for example by establishing a formal employee suggestion system. This enables the development of so-called "grassroots innovations" – innovations from the base of an organisation. One of our projects at the iimt applied the idea of grassroots innovations to the University of Fribourg by developing and introducing a suggestion box for students and employees, called the "Change Box".

Thinking about how to foster the innovative spirit of the University of Fribourg, Laura Mustafi, junior research assistant at the iimt and responsible for ideas@iimt, aimed to find a medium, which allows expressing and sharing ideas in a simple way. As a result, a pilot project named "Change Box" was introduced in collaboration with the Innovation Club Fribourg in April 2018. Seven physical boxes were spread over Pérolles 21, Pérolles 14 and Pérolles 10. Next to the boxes, a landing page has been set up in order to enable online participation. These boxes enable students and employees to become a part of the change process of the University of Fribourg and they promote solution-oriented action of students.

From the University's perspective, this project has tremendous potential for identifying those areas with a particular need for improvement. By giving students and employees the opportunity to actively solve important problems, the University of Fribourg encourages individuals with an open mindset.

During a three-month test phase, thirty-five ideas were submitted and as of today, eleven people are working on the realization of their ideas. Those ideas are not exclusively ideas concerning campus improvements, but also two business ideas have found their way into the Change Box. A campus-wide implementation of the Change Box in every building of the University of Fribourg is planned as the project evaluation indicated a corresponding success. Please find below the detailed report of this project.


Change Box Report

Change Box Report BildFor additional information, you can download our detailed Change Box report.


Change - omnipresent in a business environment

Change Management BildTake a look at our latest publication. Change - omnipresent in a business environment (article in German). For any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.




Interactive Crowd Energy Simulation Model

The new model is ready – time to play!

The new iimt Crowd Energy model was presented during the smart living lunch on December 4th and the meeting of the steering committee of the smart living lab on December 5th. Representatives of the EPFL, the HEIA-FR, the University of Fribourg and Fribourg’s State Councils took the opportunity to be members of an energy crowd in an interactive and playful way.

The new model should not only illustrate the crowd energy concept, with up to 8 players energy can also be traded, stored, exchanged and sold. An interactive game, which demonstrates that in an energy community energy is not only consumed, but can be produced and "shared".

Further information can be found on : https://www.iimt.ch/chair-research-en/we-research

CEModel1 CEModel2 CEModel3

Welcome Mohammad Aldabbas

MAD web

Mohammad Aldabbas has started his PhD at the iimt in September 2018. He previously worked as a trainee at the iimt in 2016.
He grew up near the Syrian capital Damascus where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration in 2011.

Afterwards he worked at the Consulate General of Switzerland in Dubai for three years, in Public Relation and Administration Assistance. Mohammad moved later on to Switzerland where he finished his Master in Management at the University of Fribourg in 2017.

Mohammad came first in touch with the iimt during the course “Management in Energy Sector”, then later with the “Innovation and Technology Management” course. That gave him the opportunity to join the iimt, and he is looking forward to furthering his knowledge and experience through his PhD program.

The iimt staff is looking forward to working alongside Mohammad and wishes him a good start.