iimt Leaders Launch

The graduation ceremony of the iimt. The 30th of November, the international institute of management in technology of Fribourg University, held its traditional Leaders Launch. During this festive ceremony, the graduates received their diplomas of Executive MBA and Executive CAS. The eleven graduates of this year are, henceforth, officially alumni of the iimt and members of the large network of the iimt.

Among of all the projects, that of Marc Chételat entitled “Influence of cross-cultural factors on the success of introducing a Knowledge Management Approach” was awarded the Best Management Summary.

The event consisted of many presentations with an emphasis on the issue of “Shared insights & Experience on Power of Crowds", and was concluded by the presentation of the President of Council of the iimt institute and the Director of the Human Resources department of Swisscom Schweiz AG, Dr. Hans C. Werner.

Moreover, the graduate student of 2016, Jürg Flückiger, received the iimt Best Paper Award 2016, for this work denominated “Analysis of the Added Value of a Cloud Service Broker for the Swiss Post ".

This year, the programme of the graduation ceremony was developed through the fundamental subject of Power of Crowds, highlighting the research activities of the iimt on Crowd Energy

In addition to the many friends, partners and alumni of the iimt, the president of the Council of the iimt Dr. Hans C. Werner, Swisscom Schweiz AG, was also present. The cocktail party, at the end of the event, gave the opportunity to create new contacts, reconnect with colleagues but most importantly promised a successful future to all the graduates of iimt.

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Leaders Launch impressions

This year's Leaders Launch - Graduation Ceremony took place the 30th November 2017 in Fribourg. This event has combined the Graduation Ceremony of our institute with experts who shared insights and experience on Power of Crowds. An unique happening full of interesting discussions and amazing people in a great atmosphere!

View our online photo gallery of the event, and get a few impressions of the Leaders Launch 2017.

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Photo shooting at the iimt

The 14th of November 2017, the iimt photos shooting!

The new photos will be soon on our website ... in the meantime, we propose you a tour behind the scenes with the making of!

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In Memory of Dr. Günter Pfeiffer

It is with deepest dismay that we must announce that our member of the iimt Advisory Board and good friend Günter Pfeiffer surprisingly passed away last Tuesday.

Günter Pfeiffer committed himself remarkably for education and research. The encouragement of young people towards further education and research, both from a professional and private viewpoint, was of greatest importance to him. Günter Pfeiffer was a member of the iimt Advisory Board and supported the institute through all kind of issues with the greatest of commitment.

With great sadness we lose a good friend and colleague. He will forever be in our thoughts and we extend our sincere support to his relatives.


"To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die."
(Samuel Smiles - Character. J. Murray, 1876)

iimt off to the Sustainable Living Tour

An educational and broadening journey

Tuesday, 10th of October 2017

A Fribourg delegation, with representatives from the iimt (University of Fribourg), the school of engineering and architecture (HEIA-FR), the EPFL, the city and canton of Fribourg, the blueFAC-TORY, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy as well as industry partners were heading off to Denver (USA). Main goal was the support and the visit of the Swiss Team at the Solar Decathlon in Denver, but at the same time to get in touch with institutions, researchers and companies active in the field of smart living, sustainability and smart cities.

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