iimt at the ICT-Networking Party

ICTNWP2018The 25th of January, again, more than 1400 ICT specialists, politicians, industrial and scientific representatives gathered in Bern. As every beginning of the year, the ICT Networking Party was in everyone’s agenda.

The iimt was, as every year, host of a table and invited partners and members of the iimt world. Together they spent an evening in a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere. The iimt would like to thank all participants for this evening full of interesting discussions, and is already looking forward to the ICT Networking Party 2019.









Wie innovativ sind Schweizer Versicherungen?

Die Innovationsfähigkeit von Schweizer Versicherungen

Eine Studie des Lehrstuhls für Management der IKT, international institute of management in technology (iimt), Universität Freiburg, A. Wiercioch, S. Teufel

Die digitale Transformation der Geschäftswelt führt zu einem radikalen Umbruch und erhöht vor dem Hintergrund der Konkurrenzfähigkeit den Innovationsdruck nicht nur, aber gerade auch in der Versicherungswirtschaft. Versicherungsunternehmen stehen vor der Herausforderung, ihre Innovationsleistung durch gezielte Massnahmen zu steigern. Die Fähigkeit, Innovationen hervorzubringen, entwickelt sich zu einer wichtigen Kompetenz, um mit der Digitalisierung Schritt halten zu können. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist es für Versicherungsunternehmen wichtig zu wissen, wie sie ihre Innovationsfähigkeit ausbauen können.

Interview of an iimt student - Special Edition Smart Media

In the special edition Smart Media, published the 20th of December with the focus «Femme Moderne», the iimt student Laure Zbinden-Boulianne has been portrayed. She is accomplishing her Executive Diploma in Management Excellence at the iimt and at the same time she is Head of Legal at Groupe e SA. In her interview she gives some insights how she is managing her professional and private life, both at the same time.

The full article can be downloaded here

Article-Femme-Moderne TDG 24h 20.12.2017


Best Paper Award 2016

During the iimt graduation ceremony, the best thesis of the previous year is rewarded with the “Best Paper Award”. An external jury, composed of 5 members from the industry and the academic world, examined several final theses based on the following criteria:

• The topicality of the thesis

• The scientific quality

• General aspects of the thesis

• And the relation to management in technology

But not only the above mentioned criteria will be considered, also the final reports of the supervising professors.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Morschett, president of the committee, was pleased to hand over the Best Paper Award 2016 to Jürg Flückiger with his thesis “«Analyse des Mehrwerts eines Cloud Service Brokers für die Schweizerische Post. »

We cordially would like to congratulate Jürg to his achievement!

More about the thesis

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iimt Leaders Launch

The graduation ceremony of the iimt. The 30th of November, the international institute of management in technology of Fribourg University, held its traditional Leaders Launch. During this festive ceremony, the graduates received their diplomas of Executive MBA and Executive CAS. The eleven graduates of this year are, henceforth, officially alumni of the iimt and members of the large network of the iimt.

Among of all the projects, that of Marc Chételat entitled “Influence of cross-cultural factors on the success of introducing a Knowledge Management Approach” was awarded the Best Management Summary.

The event consisted of many presentations with an emphasis on the issue of “Shared insights & Experience on Power of Crowds", and was concluded by the presentation of the President of Council of the iimt institute and the Director of the Human Resources department of Swisscom Schweiz AG, Dr. Hans C. Werner.

Moreover, the graduate student of 2016, Jürg Flückiger, received the iimt Best Paper Award 2016, for this work denominated “Analysis of the Added Value of a Cloud Service Broker for the Swiss Post ".

This year, the programme of the graduation ceremony was developed through the fundamental subject of Power of Crowds, highlighting the research activities of the iimt on Crowd Energy

In addition to the many friends, partners and alumni of the iimt, the president of the Council of the iimt Dr. Hans C. Werner, Swisscom Schweiz AG, was also present. The cocktail party, at the end of the event, gave the opportunity to create new contacts, reconnect with colleagues but most importantly promised a successful future to all the graduates of iimt.

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